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About Us

The overarching goal of Parallel Hope Schools, Inc. (PHS) is that no student will struggle from not learning or understanding quickly enough to keep up with the class,and that every student is able to learn all of the material taught.  This revolutionary new school - one in which every student is able to learn – is designed to be a place that focuses on each student's individual needs, skills and learning styles.

This is not "education as usual," and not a computers-are-the-answer form of education. PHS believes that education today can be rigorous while still genuinely meeting the needs of every child at every moment. Simply differentiating the instruction given inside a traditional classroom group is not enough. Children and their parents deserve more. They deserve an education hand-crafted for their children and taught in a classroom setting with customized lessons designed by teachers and taught in person.

PHS is designed to change the looks and outcomes of education. For each individual child, PHS will be a whole new type of school.


Board Chair

Annette Laguerre, M.Ed.
April Schlegelmilch, M.Ed.
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Principal, Administrator

Mrs. Laguerre holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Mathematics and a Master's of Education in Human Development.  After her early teaching experience in Michigan, Mrs. Laguerre relocated to Montgomery County, Maryland, where she met her husband.  It was here she gained her expertise in alternative education as a teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools, where her students' success ignited her passion for reaching students who do not fit into a pre-programmed academic mold.

Head Teacher

Ms. Schlegelmilch has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Kent State University and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland University.  She previously taught 5th and 6th grade language arts, science, and math to elementary students in Ohio.  


April enjoys engaging her students in hands-on activities that relate to real world problems, and encourages them to understand how they learn best so they will become life-long learners.

 Board Of Directors

Frank Clark
Jill Freund
Jacob Schans

Frank Clark worked his way through college while he worked as a mechanic.  During this time, he met his wife, Pam. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Economics. He taught high school Government and Economics until he was laid off.  He then worked as a service manager at a dealership before purchasing his own business.

After many years as an auto mechanic, Frank helped his church start a K-12 school. During this time, Frank earned a master’s degree in Christian School Administration. This launched his career as a Christian administrator. Over the span of this career, he ran five Christian schools. In addition, he completed several doctoral courses in Deaf Education. Frank also served on the Association of Christian Schools International’s school accreditation team in Ohio. 

Frank took a sabbatical in order to help his family with his ailing mother. Upon his return to administration, Frank substituted for a Christina school principal in Kansas who had cancer. He then became the principal over bus students at the Manhattan, Kansas School District. After six years, he took a position in a nearby school district which merged his school administration with his skills as a mechanic. 


Frank is now retired and lives in Grand Rapids with his wife Pam.  Together, they raised four children, and have fifteen grandchildren.

Vice Chairperson

Jill and her late husband raised five children.  She loves being with her family and five grandchildren who all live close by.  She loves her church family and has served at her church for over 35 years.  Jill has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 18 years.  



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Tel: (240) 514-4475

email:   school@parallelhope.com


Office: 14225 Glen Mill Road

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School: 1299 Lamberton Drive

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