Parallel Hope Schools, Inc has crafted a curriculum using the principles found in the Universal
Design for Learning, Flexible Seating, and textbooks from ABeka Publishing and BJU Press.  These will be the tools teachers will use to craft each student's individual learning experience.  
Reading & Phonics

All students will be taught reading using phonics.  Teachers will assist students in learning the basics of letter sounds and blends in order to sound out words.  As students learn how to read, teachers will work with students on comprehension of words and stories.


Students will learn the scientific method as they work through the topics found in the science curriculum.  Experiments, explorations, and activities will captivate students and encourage their scientific learning. 

Writing & Spelling

The basics of grammar and spelling are the foundation of any student's ability to write.  Teachers will assist students in understanding basic grammatical structure while using the principles of phonics to master spelling. 

Social Studies

Students will learn about their community, nation and world through text, technology, projects, and social interaction.  


Foundation in mathematics is key.  Beginning with a focus on number sense at the primary level, and working through an understanding of the concepts, teachers will assist students in finding the proper learning tools for gaining a mastery of each mathematical concept.

Health & PE

Health and physical education are an integral part of every student's education.  Students will gain mastery level understanding of the needs of their physical body and why this is important not only for their health, but their education as well.