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From Our Home To Yours

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." It's a song that has been sung countless times. This year, though, it might be more difficult to find that wonder and joy of the season. And with many students doing school or classwork from home, keeping them engaged in education can be frustrating. One way to help a child refocus on education is to infuse learning with everyday activities. For a child learning to read, you can read carols together. For a child learning fractions, have them help you bake, then explain the different sized measuring cups and spoons as you work.

During the holiday season, especially, cooking and baking tend to happen quite a bit in our homes. In addition, Thanksgiving and Christmas are two times when many homes prepare turkeys. Of course, for days and sometimes weeks later everyone eats leftovers. A topic of discussion in our house is how to make those leftovers more appealing. My daughter loves homemade soup, so here is a soup I made for my family from the remnants of the turkey meat and its jus. You may need to adjust the seasonings for your family's taste.


leftover turkey meat chopped

leftover turkey drippings or turkey stock (chicken may be substituted)

2-3 tbsp butter

three stalks Celery, chopped

one small Yellow onion, chopped

Green onions, chopped

1 1/2 to 2 tbsp Sage

1 tbsp Thyme

1 tsp mace

dash cayenne pepper

1 tbsp Tamari (dark soy) sauce (optional)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Napa Cabbage

Gruyere cheese


Sauté thyme, celery, and onions in a medium to a large saucepan. Once they start getting tender, add the spices and the turkey. This would also be the time to add the tamari sauce. Add the turkey stock, then simmer on medium-low heat until all the flavors blend - about 10 minutes.

To serve, spoon the soup into bowls and add a slice of the gruyere cheese on top. Add the cabbage to the soup as eaten for a nice crunch.

With so many ways to prepare a turkey, the preparation of the bird may affect how the soup tastes. Here is how I prepared my turkey this year. I stuffed it with bread stuffing seasoned with herbs, specifically sage. Then I basted the skin in butter and rubbed it with more sage. If your soup is not savory enough, you may need to add more sage or thyme.

Merry Christmas,

The Laguerres

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