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Passion for Learning

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

My daughter began Pre-Kindergarten with nervous anticipation. She was excited for the things she would learn and the other kids she would meet. It didn’t take long for that passion to die. She felt overwhelmed. She wanted to move, but the teachers were constantly telling her to sit down. She wanted to move, but they were constantly making her wait in line. Then came the phone call. “Your daughter is disruptive in class; could you please help us address her behavior?” The most shocking part of this? This was supposed to be a play-based setting.

That year of pre-kindergarten was the only year my daughter spent in a traditional classroom. Kindergarten began, and my daughter did not enter a school building. Instead, she was homeschooled. After a single year in a homeschool setting, my daughter was beginning to excel educationally. But she missed going to school every day; she missed playing with school friends every day. Three years later, my daughter is continuing to make strides educationally. But that longing to be part of “a normal school” has never gone away.

My daughter now hopes to be a part of Parallel Hope’s inaugural group of students. She wants to continue learning in the ways that work best for her - to be able to move and maneuver while she learns - and hopes to make lots of friends once the school opens. When circumstances pushed back the opening of the school, she was sad and disappointed.

This fall, my daughter and her father spent some time delivering “fall celebration” gifts to her cousins. It is something they did because they wanted to bless them. No other reason. One of her uncles decided to give her some money as a thank you. This was her money, to use in whatever way she wanted. When she arrived home, she forgot about the money at first. When I reminded her about it, telling her that she needed to put it away, she handed it to me and said, “Here, Mommy. I want to give it to Parallel Hope.”

In Luke 21, Jesus is watching as people are putting their gifts into the temple treasury. One of those who gave was a poor widow. She put in two small coins, but Jesus holds her up as an example for all to see. “...this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.” (Luke 21:3-4, NIV)

That woman’s passion for God led her to give to Him all that she had. My daughter’s passion for a place to learn led her in a similar way. She could have used that money for many things. Instead, like that widow, she chose to follow her passion.

This year, as we approach Giving Tuesday, consider all the children who, like my daughter, long for a place to develop their passion for learning - one that will allow them to learn in all the ways that work best for them. Consider that they, like the widow, may not have much to give. But they would give it all to see their dream become reality. What can you do to make that dream come true?

Parallel Hope Schools is close to opening its first school for Children that need education crafted to their learning needs. You can be a part of fulfilling these students’ dreams by providing donations - investments into the future - to open the doors of this school. A tax deductible gift of any size would be welcomed. Visit the SUPPORT page on our website to make a one time or recurring donation.

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