• Annette Laguerre

When Life Interrupts Learning

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Between March and April 2020, a majority of schools in the country closed schools in order to protect children and their families from illness. Educational experts agree concerning the impacts of this decision on student learning, but historic school closures are not the only things that have the ability to disrupt a child's education.

Long before the recent closure of schools, children have dealt with multiple traumas or other life events that have impacted learning. These events vary by child, as do the affects of these events. Something so simple as the birth or adoption of a new sibling can have an immense influence upon a child's learning. One child may be ecstatic over this new member of the family while another suddenly becomes uncertain of his or her position in the family. One child thrives, the other begins to struggle.

No child two children are the same. Likewise, no two children process changes or challenges in life the same. The affects of these changes may have little to no impact on a child's learning or may have a major influence. For children in these types of situations, fluidity of learning becomes paramount for their future success. Teachers and parents must work together as a team to support each child and mold their learning around these unique needs.

For more understanding on just some of the stressors children may face, check out this article by Family Education.

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